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Gymnastics Programs (4yrs+)   

Over 4's/ Junior/Intermediate/Senior Holiday Programs $30 per session 

For children aged 4 years and over to continue their skill development, stay active and have plenty of fun each school holidays. Holiday classes will provide extra opportunities for learning and achieving with the assistance of our most experienced staff. Children

will spend one hour working on their bars, beam, floor and vault skills, followed by one hour

of fun and games using our trampolines, inflatable air track, foam and ball pits and plenty more!

Groups will be split, based on age, depending on numbers in attendance each day.

Late Pick up/Early Drop off (4 Yrs+)

Late Pick Up OR Early Drop off $10 per session.

Can also be used to bridge the gap between the morning Holiday Programs and afternoon Movie or Acro programs for children staying all day. This is designed to give parents an extra hour of child care, either before or after a Program OR in between two programs. This can only be booked in conjunction with a Holiday or Movie or Acro program on the same day and cannot be booked by itself. Children should bring lunch and will be allowed supervised free play and or rest if needed.

Movie Time Sessions (4 Yrs+)

NEW Movie Time $15 per session 

Open to all children over the age of 4 years. A different movie will be played each day for children to watch and have quiet time. Can be booked as a stand alone session or after a Morning Program.  

Strength and Conditioning (6 Yrs+)

$15 per session 

Open to all boys and girls 6-17 years. No prerequisites. For those that want to improve their strength, fitness and flexibility. Includes upper, core and lower body strength circuits, fitness games and strength  competitions. Also includes stretching and flexibility work.

Boys Flip and Strength (7 Yrs+)  

$15 per session 

This 2 hour program is designed for boys who want to improve their strength and want to work on  flipping. Boys will learn drills and strength for safely performing backward and forward Somersaults and Handsprings. They will also spend time working on handstands, cartwheels and roundoffs and will participate in strength circuits which include rings, rope climbs and other lower, middle and upper body activities. 

Acrobatic Programs      

Beginners Acro $15 per session (6-8 years)

For all children aged 6 -8 years who are interested in working on their handstand and cartwheel development and beginning bridge work. Also for children who are interested in Acro classes but are not sure if they are ready OR they are too young for regular classes. Children will be taught handstand shaping and balancing, cartwheel shaping and progressions and will begin their bridge development, learning how to safely bridge using their shoulder and hip flexibility and not their backs.


Walkover Clinic $15 per session (7yrs+)

Open to children 6 years and over who can already do a bridge with straight arms and straight legs. If children do not yet have this flexibility, they are not ready to move on to more challenging bridge skills as it places too much pressure on their backs. Children will be taught how to correctly (using their hips and shoulders, not their back) bridge kickover, limber back to their hands and possibly backward and forward walkovers if ready.


Roundoff Clinic $15 per session (7yrs+)

Open to children 6 years and over who have a fast, strong cartwheel. Children will work on many different cartwheel and roundoff drills in order to learn the correct technique for a great roundoff.


Aerial Clinic $15 per session (8yrs+)

Open to children 8 years and over who have a fast, strong cartwheel. Cartwheels must also be straight and children should already have a strong leg drive. This clinic will include the necessary strength exercises and helpful drills to help children get closer to achieving their Aerial.


Front and Back Tuck Clinic $15 per session (8yrs+)

Open to children 8 years and over who can forward roll and backward roll on the flat floor. There    

are less prerequisites for these sessions as there are many drills which can be done in preparation  

for these skills. Not all children will be ready to turn a front or back tuck in the air however will  

learn and practice progressions with the goal to be ready in the near future.


Front Handspring Clinic $15 per session (8yrs+)

Open to Children 8 years and over who can do a bridge with straight arms and straight legs. Must   also have a strong Handstand, ideally hold for 60secs vertical at a wall. Children will participate     in drills that will lead to correct Handspring technique.


Back Handspring Clinic $15 per session (8yrs+)

Open to children 8 years and older who can back limber (start standing and lean backwards into a bridge on the ground with arms by ears from start to finish). Must also have a strong Handstand, ideally hold for 60secs vertical at a wall. Children will work on different strength, flexibility and back handspring drills depending on each child’s readiness. The focus will be on learning correct technique and only flipping when safe to do so.