1 Hour of Gymnastics

 1 Hour of Arts and Crafts


      Each Wednesday during Term

 Casual Bookings $30


Pre School Fun is for children aged 4-6 years who are not at school full time. Our Program includes 1 hour of gymnastics and 1 hour of Arts and crafts, similar to a holiday program.


Casual classes may be booked whenever you would like to attend.

You are welcome to use it as a fun activity for your child, socialisation for your child, babysitting if you have errands or appointments, or getting them ready for school by being without you for two hours. Children will be learning to listen, follow directions, line up, and will be focusing on and remembering instructions. During arts and crafts children will be working on pencil grip, cutting with scissors and many other skills required for school.

As this program falls under our holiday programs, there is no registration fee to pay! This also means that you would not be an official member and would not receive a membership pack unless you are also enrolled in a term class.


Please check out our timetable page for term dates, classes are run during each NSW Public School Term.